Beer Spotlight: Yellow Flashing Lights

Wildwood has always been a hot spot for summer fun. Amusements, the boardwalk, family recreation, great restaurants and the call of relaxing by the seaside brings a quarter million visitors every Summer season. In contrast, the city itself has about five thousand permanent residents. It is a relief when the crowds leave, but it also brings a feeling of melancholy as the warm weather slowly chills and the bright summer sun is replaced by the golden light of Autumn.

September and October a.k.a. “Locals Summer” is the perfect time for Cape May County’s permanent residents to get out and enjoy the last bit of Indian Summer with friends and family. Every year around the first of October, Wildwood kicks off the off-season by setting the traffic lights at most intersections to blinking yellow. With not as many cars on the road, who wants to waste time sitting at a red light in an empty intersection? #historyineverysip

MudHen Brewing Company created Yellow Flashing Lights, a rich, malty, robust imperial stout, to help locals relax and kick back from all the bustling summer tourists. Come visit MudHen Brewing and sit by the outdoor firepit. Order up a Yellow Flashing Lights and a bowl of our famous Beef, Pulled Pork & Brisket Chili topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream & cornbread crumbs and those summer memories of the mad rush of waiting on more tables than you can handle will fade like it never happened… until next year.

Yellow Flashing Lights usually hits the taps every year around mid-October and is occasionally featured on the nitro tap with a little added coffee or vanilla to spice things up. See what other locals yokels are saying about Yellow Flashing Lights on our untappd page:

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