Beer Spotlight: Rising Tides Pale Ale

High and low tides are caused by the moon’s gravitational pull on the earth. Wherever the moon is closest to the Earth, our oceans are pulled towards it creating high tides. Add high or low pressure weather systems, wind and weather and ocean levels between high and low tide can be dramatically significant. In Wildwood, as a community that depends on our oceans for everything from entertainment to providing for us through our fishing industry, tides dictate a large part of how we go about our lives.

If you have visited Wildwood in rainy weather, you know this place floods at the drop of a hat. Over the years the closing of the George Redding bridge on Rio Grande avenue has been more and more frequent. Let’s not get political because quite frankly, that whole situation is above our pay grade but concerns with how to deal with updating roadways and infrastructure throughout our city to withstand flooding is a hotly contested debate.

Not for nothing, but this has to be mentioned also, you know, global warming. Oh geez, there it is. Let’s all do our best to not focus too much on looming catastrophes. It’s time to turn off the news, sit back and have a beer and allow the people in charge to deal with these issues. Rising Tides Pale Ale, is a easy-drinking copper colored irish ale with a hint of blood orange. The perfect beer to have when you might be having more than one. Turn off your televisions, put down your newspapers and stop by MudHen Brewing and check out a Rising Tides Pale Ale. To get an extra dose of comfort, pair this with one of our mac and cheese dishes loaded with béchamel cheese and buttered breadcrumbs.

Have a look at what other concerned citizens are saying about Rising Tides on our untappd page:

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