Beer Spotlight: Rambler to Miami

Rambler to Miami are two streets in Wildwood that run parallel to each other nine blocks apart along Sunset Lake. Prior to 1922, they didn’t exist. This area is the location of what was once Turtle Gut Inlet, an area that separated Five Mile Island from Two Mile Island. Islands that eventually became Wildwood and Wildwood Crest respectively.

More importantly, Turtle Gut Inlet played an important and authentically documented part in a naval encounter during the Revolutionary War. On June 29, 1776, the only battle of the Revolutionary War in Cape May County took place here. John Barry, the father of the American Navy, was commissioned Captain of the fourteen-gun Lexington. Sailing from the Caribbean with a full load of gunpowder and rum, a British armada had blocked the entrance to the Delaware Bay prohibiting transport to Philadelphia. Under heavy fog and British pursuit, Captain Barry attempted to make for the protection of Turtle Gut and Sunset Lake but ran aground.

location of Turtle Gut Inlet from 1777 map.

Luckily, the larger British ships were unable to get close enough through the shallow water to board the ship and plunder the supplies. Barry quickly tasked his troops with two missions. One mission was to return cannon fire to keep the British at sea, while the other was to transfer as much cargo to Wildwood as possible. After cannonballs were running low and three-quarters of the gunpowder was successfully transported to the safety of the dunes, Barry created a long fuse from the main sail in order to ignite the remaining hundred or so kegs of gunpowder still on board.

The crew abandoned ship while one last sailor climbed the main mast to remove the American flag. The British interpreted the removal of the flag as an admission of defeat and quickly boarded the ship while Barry lit the fuse from the shore and blew them all to smithereens. Even though the Battle of Turtle Gut is little known it demonstrated the resourcefulness of the newly formed American Navy and the British removed the blockade of the Delaware Bay. #historyineverysip

Today, Sunset Lake is a great place to tie a few boats up and have some beers with friends. Rambler to Miami, a New England style IPA single hopped with Cascade, Citra and Simcoe, is the perfect brew to hangout at the lake. We recommend pairing this with something salty and spicy like our homemade breaded and fried Jalapeño Poppers stuffed with cream cheese. Check out what others are saying about Ramble to Miami on our untappd page:

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