Beer Spotlight: Holly Beach Wheat

Sarah Andrew from Vineland was struck with an illness in the year of our lord, eighteen-hundred and eighty. Her husband Aaron, following advice from the family physician, visited Townsend’s Inlet on Five Mile Beach. The doctor said a good dose of fresh air and salt water might improve her condition. Indeed, Sarah’s health did improve and during their time there, the couple found a forest peppered with holly trees surrounded by white sands in the middle of Five Mile Beach. In the two years to follow, Aaron Andrew with businessmen Joseph Taylor and John Burk formed the Holly Beach City Improvement Company and began planning a new town in order to give others access to the healing properties of the oceanside. News of their project spread quickly to Pennsylvania where Phillip and Latimer Bakers’ interest was peaked and they soon followed to the island by the sea to cash in on investment opportunities. Latimer Baker secured a position as director for Holly Beach company and his brother Phillip explored other uninhabitable and unaccessible parts of the island.

Visitors had been coming to the area for many years but no one incorporated the area until Sarah and Aaron Andrew came to the area and saw it in a different perspective. Native Americans had permanent reservations throughout South Jersey. Unlucky sailors were shipwrecked along the coast. Tourists visited to spend time at the beach. Farmers brought livestock to graze on the wild grasses through the summer months. Some of those livestock did not always make it back across the marshes in the autumn. So as Phillip Baker is exploring unaccessible parts of the island, he is also encountering wild cow herds in the dense forest. Holly Beach City was incorporated in 1885 and existed until 1912 when it was dissolved and became part of the newly created Wildwood, New Jersey. Holly Beach Wheat is a celebration of earlier, simpler times when Holly trees grew in dense forests roamed by wild cattle by the sea. Visitors came to recharge surrounded by white sands and salty air. This Belgian-style wheat beer with apparent flavors of citrus & ginger is the perfect brew to relax and dream of crashing waves at the seashore. We highly recommend kicking back with a Holly Beach Wheat and a few MudHen tacos for a perfect match made at the Jersey Shore.

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