Beer Spotlight: Fruitie Patootie Series

Arguably, like you people in South Jersey like to do, Rock & Roll was invented right here in Wildwood, New Jersey. As America’s postwar economy reshaped the country creating a new sleeker design for everything. Telephones, automobiles, fast food, suburbs, television... everything began to change dramatically and reshape society. Teenagers craved something faster and dirtier - something more electrifying and the soundtrack for this shift became Rock & Roll.

“Rock and Roll” had been kicked around as lyrics before there was Rock & Roll but these songs came from the big band era of the 1920’s and 30’s; the term was used to describe a great party. In the 1930’s and 40’s, you had the crooners like Nat “King” Cole and Rosemary Clooney who dominated the charts and by the 50’s, kids had had enough of this crap and wanted something dangerous. Brewing in the dark alley jazz clubs, rhythm & blues, hot jazz, western swing and hillbilly boogie tempos were being cooked up but there needed to be a place to put all these ingredients in the same pot and simmer.

Now back up for a minute - Wildwood was the birthplace of Rock & Roll? What about Elvis Presley? What about Little Richard? What about Jerry Lee Lewis? It’s true that all of them eventually became Rock & Roll superstars but their early recordings are considered Rhythm & Blues. They may be kind of Rock & Roll but it is not yet. What is Rock & Roll? You just know it when you hear it. There needed to be a place with an element of danger that mixed a bunch of styles together to become a new thing altogether and leave all other styles in the dust. Somehow that place was Wildwood, New Jersey. Working families could afford cars to take the kids to the shore for the summer and with a grandfathered liquor license, more motels, bars and recreational establishments, Wildwood was loose as a goose in the summer. It was basically a place to go bananas for 12 weeks.

People. Check. Booze. Check. Insanity. Check. Now bring in The Treniers! The Treniers were originally from Mobile, Alabama and by way of Florida, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, they secured a summer residency at the Riptide Club in Wildwood in 1950. They had developed a unique sound with a solid drum beat that they played faster and faster to keep the crowd entertained. Take lowbrow lyrical subject matter, screaming and shouting, comedy, synchronized dance moves, mix in a rowdy atmosphere and the style that would eventually become Rock & Roll is born. The Treniers were the first to borrow elements from various genres and create a rough yet sophisticated sound that could only be its own thing, Rock & Roll right here in Wildwood. #historyineverysip

Read more about the Treniers and Wildwood here:

Be bop a loo bop a whop bam boom, Our Fruitie Patootie series, bless my soul, is a throwback to the early days of doo-wop and rock & roll. Like Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti, this fruited blonde ale series is smooth, sweet (but not too sweet) with a nice kick. This brew is a great crowd pleaser - so far we have Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Mango and Mango Guava. Like Rock & Roll, we’re keeping it loose so who knows what flavor might be next - it’s brewer’s choice! Stop by MudHen Brewing and check out a Fruitie Patootie with a Hippie Chick salad - mixed greens, herb garbanzo beans, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes, ancient grains, spiced California walnuts & roasted pepper-raspberry-walnut vinaigrette. Check out what others are singing about the Fruitie Patootie series here on Untappd:

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