in 1685, europeans moved into 5 mile island. king nummy was the last lenni lenape indian chief with a non-violent approach moved his tribe west but remained in what is today rio grande in order to care for his ill sister and her children. ​ king nummy lived and died on nummy island, which is now north wildwood. upon his death he was supposed to be buried among his tribesmen to the west but there is quite a controversy as to whether or not his last wishes were fulfilled. no one knows for sure the whereabouts of the last resting place of king nummy. ​ during prohibition times, when rum runners were smuggling illegal liquor into cape may county through wildwood. supposedly, the ghost of king nummy floated around the island at night. a bed sheet with two holes cut out was found among the trees. the coast guard believed this may have been the ghost disguise used by illegal rum runners to scare off anyone looking for the smuggled liquor. was there really a sheet or maybe an early government "cover-up". nummy pumpkin ale is an autumnal brown ale made with pumpkin, brown sugar, vanilla bean and other seasonal spices.

abv 7.4%


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